100 Word Challenge teams up with Night Zookeeper

Julia Skinner originally founded the 100WC in 2010 and it has been growing rapidly ever since. She has now joined forces with Night Zookeeper in order to spread the love of creative writing to as many corners of the globe as possible.

The 100WC was created by a retired head teacher. Julia set out to solve the problem of there being no apparent purpose for children to write, other than pleasing their teacher. Through the challenge, children have been able to write stories for an audience of their peers and 100WC volunteers.

Both the 100WC and Night Zookeeper provide a stimulus for children to write more often and outside of school. By working together they are ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills and receive constructive feedback on each piece of writing they produce.

The 100WC concept is very simple. The writer must fashion a piece of writing in 100 words, meaning that the reluctant writer does not feel daunted by an unlimited word count, whilst the more advanced writer is challenged to express themselves within the constraint of 100 words. Each piece of writing is based on a prompt, which can be anything from a photograph to a series of words.

You can find out more on 100wc.net or register your interest in this free creative writing resource here.

NZK and 100WC