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The Anti-Social Network

I recently stumbled across a tweet from Eastlands Primary School, linking to an awareness-raising e-safety video they had created alongside a professional production company. Today, I finally got round to watching it. And it’s great. A well written and acted piece, the film plays out some of the many issues around cyberbullying, in the style […]

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Q-files: The Children’s Encyclopaedia

Recently, I came across the website q-files.com, an online encyclopaedia for children that covers a number of areas, currently: Prehistoric; History; Culture; Geography; Space; Technology; Science; Life; Earth. What I like most about the site is that it is very easy for children to navigate. It gets straight to the point, with no ‘noise’ from […]

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The implications of a five-year-old passing a Microsoft exam

Last week, the BBC published this article about five-year-old Ayan Qureshi, who recently passed an exam to become a Microsoft Certified Professional. That is an incredible achievement. But it did make me wonder: what will Ayan think about the new Computing Curriculum? Will his ‘introduction’ to algorithms inspire him to create computer programs in the […]

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