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Generate Social Media Posts with Simitator

During Safer Internet Day 2015 pupils in Year 5 at Fagley Primary School, Bradford, were tasked with writing some examples of positive and negative updates that could be written on social media profiles, during lessons about the importance of maintaining a positive digital footprint. Children used the website simitator.com to write the updates and as […]

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Education Innovation Conference, Manchester

For the last two years I have been pleased to have been able to attend the Education Innovation Conference in Manchester, and have very much enjoyed it on both occasions. Next week it comes round again. The event takes place at Manchester Central (formerly the GMEX) on February 26th and 27th. More information can be […]

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Be Share Aware: E-safety Advice from the NSPCC

With a lot of media coverage over the last few weeks, UK children’s charity the NSPCC launched a campaign to educate children and parents on the need to be ‘Share Aware’ – i.e. to understand the risks associated with the over-sharing of important personal information online. I think the two videos and the supporting materials […]

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Moore’s Law as Illustrated by Lara Croft

Moore’s Law, the observation that overall processing power for computers will double every two years (or more accurately that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles), is a fascinating computing concept that is very easy to demonstrate to students by mapping the history of computing over time. I have always thought about it in […]

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Digital Literacy Curriculum from SWGfL

As this helpfully flattering image reminds us, the new Computing Curriculum requires students to become au fait with three important areas: Information Technology, Computer Science and Digital Literacy At the Bradford Mobile Learning (bMobLe) Conference in June 2014, I delivered a keynote presentation (from which the above image was taken) about the new Computing Curriculum, […]

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