A simple formula for real change

I originally saw this simple image after it was tweeted by Vic Goddard, Principal at Passmores Academy and one of the stars of Channel 4 documentary series Educating Essex.

I think it is a really straightforward reminder of how to be successful in implementing any meaningful change in school: omit one element and it significantly weakens the offering.

The most immediately obvious example I could think of when considering the model was that of iPad rollouts in schools – something I have had much experience with. Take away, for example, the staff proficiency in using the device and you do indeed lead yourself down an avenue of anxiety. Build it up as the best thing since sliced bread but only buy two iPads between 18 classes and you can easily frustrate your teachers.

Take a look and perhaps keep it in mind when you next plan to implement some real change in your classrooms.

Steps towards change