Be Share Aware: E-safety Advice from the NSPCC

With a lot of media coverage over the last few weeks, UK children’s charity the NSPCC launched a campaign to educate children and parents on the need to be ‘Share Aware’ – i.e. to understand the risks associated with the over-sharing of important personal information online.

I think the two videos and the supporting materials they have released are great resources to help schools educate children and families about the potential dangers involved with sexting and with over-sharing.

The first video, Lucy and the Boy, is embedded below:

The second video, I Saw Your Willy, is here:

In addition to the videos, the following guide for parents is very useful, as are the other resources here:

If you would like some support to ensure you are educating children and families about e-safety issues effectively, contact me here to discuss how I can support you.