Book Creator and the SAMR Model

I am a big fan of the SAMR Model. I think it’s a very simple way for teachers to focus on the real purpose of integrating technology into their classrooms. I initially wrote about it here. Though there can initially be a wow factor to using some technology in the classroom, there is no doubt that the real impact comes with well designed tasks that really harness the potential of the technology for learning. That’s why I like to keep in mind the very simple core principles the SAMR Model promotes.

I often ask myself a range of questions when planning lessons and designing tasks for learners:

“Am I getting the best out of the technology in this lesson? Am I significantly modifying or redesigning the task, or just substituting a tool?”

“Are the students being helped, hindered or distracted by the technology?”

“Is this piece of technology really the best tool to carry out the task? Would another tech tool or analogue method actually be better?”

I recently came across this blog post from the people behind Book Creator (@bookcreatorapp): Book Creator and the SAMR model. I won’t re-state its points here – go and have a read for yourself – though I will point out that I love Book Creator (it’s simple to use and very powerful) and, as stated above, I love the SAMR model. So, thinking about how one can impact on the other is a naturally positive experience for me. Go on, have a look!

And in the meantime, I have embedded Common Sense Media‘s brilliant Introduction to the SAMR Model video from YouTube:

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