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Troy’s Digital Hijack

I recently came across this 45 minute TV show, Troy’s Digital Hijack, and I intend on sharing it with my Year 8 students soon, since we are currently talking about the importance of understanding the importance of maintaining positive digital footprints and keeping private information secure. This show, aimed at young people, goes some way […]

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Free Usborne 1980s computer books

With the growth in computer science teaching in the UK since the introduction of the new Computing curriculum, many teachers have been reminded of their own youths sat in front of BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and other ‘old school’ computers, writing programs from magazines and hoping that they would execute properly so they could play […]

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TeachMeet Manchester NFM – 25/11/15

After the success of TeachMeet Manchester 15 and the excitement surrounding TeachMeet The Study @ Manchester Museum and TeachMeet Rochdale, both of which will be held during Autumn 2015, I am delighted to announce the arrival of TeachMeet Manchester NFM. TeachMeet Manchester NFM is a FREE informal CPD event for all adults interested in education, […]

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Computing: How confident do you feel?

A few months ago I was interviewed by education writer Sally McKeown for an article in the Primary Update magazine. We were discussing the best models of CPD for primary school teachers in the context of better understanding the Computing curriculum. It came about because I was presenting about sustainable models for staff CPD at […]

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Nude selfies: What parents and carers need to know

Last week, CEOP released a series of four short videos aimed at parents, to educate them about the issues around children and young people sending naked images of themselves and others over the internet and by text message – the process commonly referred to as ‘sexting’. I think the videos are a really good and […]

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