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Web Junkies – “Addiction” in China

I have long been interested in the idea of internet addiction. For some it is the curse of the modern age. For others it is a farce, a non-existent ‘syndrome’ touted by the red tops as the reason for societal decay (along with immigrants, yoofs in general and suchlike). As someone who has worked in […]

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Instil Appropriate Online Behaviours

I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting at Optimus Education‘s ‘Instil Appropriate Online Behaviours’ half day briefing in Birmingham on Tuesday 19 May 2015, alongside renowned E-safety Adviser Alan Mackenzie. Consider joining us to find out about: Current and emerging trends in e-safety and online risks; Cyberbullying and sexting; Exposure to risk; […]

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Online Safety Guides from West Yorkshire Police

I recently came across these resources from West Yorkshire Police to help protect children when they use the internet. As well as some advice for parents and teachers, the page provides guides for some of the most popular applications and consoles: Ask FM; Facebook; Playstation; Snapchat; Twitter; WhatsApp; Wii; XBOX. See the example below, a […]

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