Cloakd: the next big e-safety risk?

I was recently alerted to a new social media app that has been released by a tech company in Bangalore.

The app, currently only available on Android devices, is called Cloakd and is free for users to download.

Cloakd allows users to log in to the app using their Facebook account, which then brings up a list of their Facebook friends in Cloakd. From there, users can send anonymous messages to their Facebook contacts, with messages arriving from users under pseudonyms such as ‘Cloakd 1’ rather than real or Facebook profile names:

Cloakd App

The creators of the site claim that the anonymous nature of the app allows users to ‘express what occupies our mind, without the hesitancy that our identity brings’.

However, I fear that it may become a real problem for young people, as anonymous social networking sites can leave them open to online trolls and cyberbullies, as has been seen previously, with such sites as

So, be aware of it, have a strategy to deal with it if it becomes an issue in your school, and educate your students about its safe use. Together we can help students to manage this new piece of technology safely.