Coding with Dash and Dot robots

Since the launch of the new curriculum for schools in England in September, many people have been trying to find innovative ways to teach the computer science elements of Computing.

As well as using programmable technology such as Bee-Bots, Pro-Bots and Lego Mindstorms EV3s and on-screen resources such as Scratch, I recently came across this exciting-looking creation from the good people at Wonder Workshop. Their website is

The company offers for sale two programmable robots – Dash and Dot – that can be controlled in conjunction with its associated mobile apps, currently available for iOS devices. It also claims to integrate with both Scratch and Blockly.

Have a look at the promotional video that I certainly found interesting:

Now, I’ve not been lucky enough to see this in real life but I’d love to hear of any schools, parents or children who have seen or used them. Are they even available in the UK yet? Perhaps not but they certainly look like they could be a useful addition to the resource bank of those trying to teach physical computing.