Digital Leaders at Fagley Primary School

A few weeks ago I wrote about the process of appointing new Digital Leaders at Fagley Primary School.

Through a brilliant session on #DLchat, we were able to shortlist the candidates, drawing on expertise from colleagues across the country.

It was fabulous to see the enthusiasm of the children in Years 4 and 5 who applied – 38 in total – and to see the professionalism of those 18 who were invited to interview was quite remarkable. I have genuinely interviewed adults in the past whose answers to questions were no better than some of the Digital Leaders applicants at Fagley!

I am delighted to announce that the Digital Leaders we appointed were…

From Class 4: Luqman, Safa and Moniba
From Class 5: Rian, Jack, Sadiya, Alex and Kayden.

Click here to read their original applications.

So far, the Digital Leaders have helped me to set up 16 new all-in-one touch screen computers we are lucky to have just installed in our new media suite, met to discuss the demands of the role and this Wednesday will be visiting Bradford’s fantastic (free) National Media Museum to explore the origins of the internet through the museum’s Life Online exhibition.

It is certainly an exciting time to be a Digital Leader at Fagley Primary School!

If you are interested learning more about running a Digital Leaders project in your school, why not consider booking onto this online CPD event I am hosting in March?