Digital Leaders: The Shortlist

Yesterday, I was delighted to be able to host a very special edition of #DLchat, the weekly online Twitter chat about all things relating to pupil Digital Leaders. This week’s was a recruitment special, where participants spent much of their time shortlisting actual candidates from Fagley Primary School, where I work part time as Computing Leader. See the original post here.

It was fantastic to have some great contributions to the discussion from teachers across the UK. The children will certainly be thrilled when they know just how seriously we have taken their efforts thus far.

With a lot of shared ideas about candidates, we managed to shortlist 20 candidates for interview, of the 40 applicants.

Children who have been shortlisted from Year 4 are: Hannah M, Luqman, Aroona, Safia, Ramsha, Safa, Aatqah, Hannah H and Moniba.

Children who have been shortlisted from Year 5 are: Ibrahim, Mohammed, Ellis, Itbah, Jack, Sadiya, Abbie, Amna, Rian, Alex and Kayden.

Their application forms, and those of the other children who did not make the shortlist, can be found here: Fagley Digital Leader Applications.

All shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on Friday 12 December.