Film and Image Archive from British Pathe

This post was inspired by the #primaryrocks online chat on Monday 3 November 2014. It was the first #primaryrocks chat I had ever taken part in and it was a lively space for debate amongst those with an interest in primary education. I will certainly be back for future chats.

The first question that was posed to contributors on the night was this one:

There were many great contributions from the many people who took part. My own suggestion was that using the fantastic British Pathe film and image archive would be a good starting point.

If you haven’t seen it or used it before, go and check it out. It houses over 90,000 historic film clips and around one million still images that are great for bringing history alive in the classroom.

To get started, why not type WWI (as suggested by the tweet above) into the search bar at the top of the British Pathe page and see just how many brilliant clips are available.

How have you used the British Pathe film archive to bring learning alive in your classroom?