Future Starts Now from The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education

It is often very easy to get wrapped up in what one is doing in one’s own school, Local Authority or even country, but it is very important to me to try to obtain a broader image of what is going on in the wider world. I think this relates to pretty much everything and the use of technology in education is certainly no exception.

I was pleased recently when I came across The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, an organisation committed to helping teachers and students to use ICT effectively in Norwegian schools through training, resources and other services. They also run the brilliant Du Bestemmer (‘You Decide’) website, a great collection of e-safety resources for schools (I will blog about them in more detail soon, because quite simply, they’re worth devoting more space to).

Take a look at ‘Future Starts Now’ – the promotional video that explores some of their reasoning behind supporting the integration of ICT across schools in Norway. It’s interesting to see the similarities between many of the ideas that have been discussed in the UK.

To find out more about what The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education works to achieve, visit their website here, or take a look at the booklet embedded below: