Game Play Has No Negative Impact on Kids

I have spent a lot of time recently speaking to both students and teachers about the potential negative impacts of gaming on young people.

Such issues that I have explored are ones of overexposure to content (i.e. playing games for too long), exposure to inappropriate content (children playing games rated by PEGI at age above their own), overstimulation leading to tiredness, poor sleep patterns, poor diet, etc., and the dangers of interacting with strangers over the internet through online games, including the social networking features of services such as XBOX Live and they PlayStation Network.

However, despite these potential negative effects, research conducted about two years ago in the UK, by researchers at the University of Glasgow, concludes that playing console and online games actually has no negative impact on children.

Amongst the findings, from the longitudinal study of 13,000 families, the following make for interesting headlines:

Game Play Study

The article I originally read can be found here, which also includes the primary source.

How do you think gaming impacts upon children? Does what you observe match the findings of the study?