Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar

This is important stuff. Like, really important. Life or death kind of stuff. So read, watch and most importantly share. With young people in particular. Please.

A BBC documentary inspired by the murder of 14-year-old Breck Bednar, ‘Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar’ is a harrowing look at the series of events that saw the ultimate downfall of a naive youngster. Charting the growth of an online ‘friendship’ between two teen gamers, the film highlights just how difficult it is to really know if someone you meet online is really who they say they are.

Breck thought he knew. He thought his parents were wrong when they raised concerns. Breck had been successfully manipulated, groomed, by ‘best friend’ Lewis Daynes, ultimately his killer.

The film is shocking, heart-wrenching, but such an important watch. And this post is a call to action: Please share this with at least one young person you know. The only way we can stop this kind of thing from happening again is through education, through awareness-raising. So after you have watched it (available on BBC iPlayer at the time of writing, and embedded below from Dailymotion), share it. Please.

For more information about the case, read this Guardian interview with Breck’s mother Lorin LaFave, and see the work of the Breck Foundation.

Murder Games The Life and Death of Breck Bednar by Favoritetv16