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Chris Mayoh is an education writer, speaker, podcaster and independent consultant. He is best known for his award-winning work around student digital leadership, online safety and film literacy. He works with schools, colleges and other organisations around the world.

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Chris is available to provide consultancy services to your organisation, organise TeachMeet and other CPD events and keynote at conferences. He is also available to write for your publication, appear on your podcast or otherwise work with you to add value to what you do. Use the details above to discuss your requirements.

Digital Development Subscriptions Available Nationwide

The most cost-effective way of accessing support from chrismayoh.com. Includes Digital Strategy Visits, Whole School INSET, Subscriber Discounts and Priority Assistance.Read More >

Digital Leaders Programme Available Nationwide

Available for both primary and secondary schools, the Digital Leaders Programme offers schools a great way to begin and embed this powerful student leadership initiative.Read More >

E-safety AuditsAvailable Nationwide

Ensure policies and procedures are robust, up to date and best meeting the needs of the whole school community with an E-safety Audit, available for both primary and secondary schools.Read More >

Staffroom Rambles – Podcast Episode 5

Welcome to Episode 5 of Staffroom Rambles, the weekly education podcast by Tom Rogers and Chris Mayoh. This week we discuss why more and more teachers are moving abroad to teach, why independent schools give students an advantage equivalent to two years’ additional study, whether or not Year 9 really is the toughest year for […]

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Staffroom Rambles – Podcast Episode 4

Welcome to Episode 4 of Staffroom Rambles, the weekly education podcast by Tom Rogers and Chris Mayoh. This week we discuss the rise of the ‘stupid’ teacher, why edtech folk might respond badly to skepticism, and how behaviour management might work with children with mental health issues. Links to articles we discussed this week can […]

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Troy’s Digital Hijack

I recently came across this 45 minute TV show, Troy’s Digital Hijack, and I intend on sharing it with my Year 8 students soon, since we are currently talking about the importance of understanding the importance of maintaining positive digital footprints and keeping private information secure. This show, aimed at young people, goes some way […]

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Free Usborne 1980s computer books

With the growth in computer science teaching in the UK since the introduction of the new Computing curriculum, many teachers have been reminded of their own youths sat in front of BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and other ‘old school’ computers, writing programs from magazines and hoping that they would execute properly so they could play […]

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