Paper Has a Great Future Video

Over the last ten years of education in the UK, the growth in the use of new technologies has been quite rapid. Some schools still struggle to use technology effectively, but many whose vision and implementation has been systematically executed are now seeing real impact in the classroom. And I think that’s a good thing.

However, using technology for technology’s sake is something to be avoided at all costs. Buying hundreds of iPads first and deciding what to do with them later is at best pointless and at worst financially and pedagogically irresponsible. Surely we all know that by now?

Indeed it is also true that trying to shoehorn technology into lessons where it isn’t appropriate is also a futile exercise. Sprinting whilst clutching an iPad is unlikely to help improve the user’s performance in a 100m race (though analysing performance using apps such as Ubersense could help, of course).

The video below, part of an advertising campaign for a brand of toilet roll, illustrates why sometimes technology isn’t the best solution to a problem.

I first saw the video about a year ago, but was reminded of it at the ICT for Education Conference in Manchester yesterday. Have a look – it’s quite good