Set Up Safe – Christmas Checklist for Parents

According to, around 72% of parents will buy a piece of technology for their children as gifts this Christmas. Those of us with children ourselves (not me) and those with experience of working in schools (me) will probably be able to back that up with a lot of anecdotal evidence and perhaps even some whole school survey results.

What we also know is that many children do access inappropriate content on the devices they own – whether deliberately or otherwise – ranging from explicit images and videos, to graphic violent content in games designed for far older players. Parents are not always equipped with the knowledge of how to go about restricting access to this kind of content, so Internet Matters have provided a handy checklist for parents to consider completing before handing devices to their children on Christmas morning.

The checklist is embedded below, and precedes a link to some more detailed information about how parents should tackle each of the steps.

Set Up Safe Checklist

Christmas advice for parents from Internet Matters.

So, if you are a parent, or work with parents then you might wish to consider sharing this information to minimise the risk of children being exposed to inappropriate content this Christmas. Ho ho hope you find it useful… *Insert apology for terrible ‘joke’ here*