Staffroom Rambles – Podcast Episode 4

Welcome to Episode 4 of Staffroom Rambles, the weekly education podcast by Tom Rogers and Chris Mayoh.

This week we discuss the rise of the ‘stupid’ teacher, why edtech folk might respond badly to skepticism, and how behaviour management might work with children with mental health issues.

Links to articles we discussed this week can be found here:

Martin Robinson’s blog post about teachers as brands: The Rise of the Stupid Teacher@Trivium21C

David Didau’s blog post discussing the impartiality of edtech experts: Why do edtech folk respond badly to skepticism?@LearningSpy

Emma Kennedy’s blog post talking about managing the behaviour of children with mental health issues: Children and Mental Health

You can get in touch with us via Twitter – we are @staffroomramble, or @RogersHistory and @chrismayoh.