Staffroom Rambles – Podcast Episode 5

Welcome to Episode 5 of Staffroom Rambles, the weekly education podcast by Tom Rogers and Chris Mayoh.

This week we discuss why more and more teachers are moving abroad to teach, why independent schools give students an advantage equivalent to two years’ additional study, whether or not Year 9 really is the toughest year for students and teachers alike, and we hear from Emma Kennedy who shares her thoughts after we discussed her blog post about funding for students with mental health or personal issues in Episode 4.

Links to articles we discussed this week can be found here:

The BBC article examining why so many teachers go to work overseas – Warning over ‘teacher brain drain’

Guardian article exploring independent vs. state school performance and factors affecting it – Private school gives pupils a boost worth two extra years of education, research shows

Again from the Guardian, an article pondering the Year 9 question – Is Year 9 the worst school for students and teachers?

And from Episode 4, Emma Kennedy’s blog post talking about managing the behaviour of children with mental health issues:

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