Staffroom Rambles – Podcast Episode 7

Welcome to Episode 7 of Staffroom Rambles, the weekly education podcast by Tom Rogers and Chris Mayoh.

This week we discuss the issue of students doing activities with no real educational value, whether or not girls can be both brainy and feminine, and the issue of negativity from within the teaching profession.

Links to articles we discussed this week can be found here:

Tom Bennett’s TES article bemoaning the low value activities that take place in some classrooms: DVDs, drama and doodles: things that aren’t teaching

ATL’s Mary Bousted talking about sexism in schools making it hard for girls to be both brainy and feminine: Sexist bullying ‘makes it hard for girls to be brainy and feminine at school’

And the Guardian’s Secret Teacher article talking about drowning out the negativity in some parts of the teaching profession: Secret Teacher: I refuse to let the negativity in teaching bring me down

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