Staffroom Rambles – Podcast Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of Staffroom Rambles, the weekly education podcast by Tom Rogers and Chris Mayoh.

This week we discuss the huge issue of students pursuing vocational courses being squeezed out of the current education system in the UK, the widely-circulated news of the primary school Headteacher who is resigning over the government’s testing and academisation agendas, whether all of that is just a heap of teacher negativity, and briefly revisit the discussion around baseline assessments of four-year-olds.

Links to articles we discussed this week can be found here:

Tom Rogers’ TES article about the issue of ‘academicisation’ – ‘It’s not ‘academisation’ that worries me the most, it’s ‘academicisation’: focusing on academic over vocational’

The Northern Echo article (widely reported elsewhere, too) about Jeremy Gargan’s resignation – Primary School Headteacher resigns in protest of SATS exams “setting children up to fail”

The full letter written by Jeremy Gargan to his school’s parents, re-posted by the TES – Read one head’s extraordinary resignation letter over the government’s education policies

An anonymous response to the above letter from the blog of Why I’ve Stayed in Teaching – Dear Parents Of Our Primary School Children

Billy Camden’s Schoolsweek article about the dropping of baseline assessments for EYFS children – Baseline test provider criticises ’embarrassing policy cock-up’

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