Technology and Young Children: ITV News

Back in September, I was delighted to be invited onto Granada Reports, the ITV News regional programme for the North West of England, to talk about the use of technology by very young children in the home.

The interview, with the very charming Tony Morris, was set to coincide with the release of the OECD’s report ‘Students, Computers and Learning – Making the Connection’, which is embedded at the end of this blog post.

The research was designed to explore the relationship between the use of technology in schools and student outcomes, as measured by PISA scores. There were some fairly reactionary headlines flying around at the time, as some of the data could be interpreted to suggest that the use of technology in schools actually has a negative effect on student attainment. Unsurprisingly, the research actually makes it clear that when the use of technology is systematically implemented, with strong leadership and CPD for teachers, it has a clear positive impact on outcomes for students. We already knew that, I think(?). (For more on that point, Jim Knight’s TES online article ‘Plato wanted to ban books from the classroom. Should we ban technology?’ is worth a look).

Embedded below is the full interview, beginning with a piece from a Manchester organisation that makes claims that, in my opinion, are unsubstantiated by research evidence and as such not compelling arguments in and of themselves. I won’t reiterate them here, just watch the clip. About half way into the piece, my interview kicks in for what I think was some much needed balance.

I’d be very interested to explore others’ ideas around the use of technology by young children in the home, so please do reply with your thoughts.

Additionally, see below the full OECD report, followed by a nice shiny infographic pulling out a few key bits of data for those who don’t have the time to read the full report at the moment.